Tianbao Agarwood

In 2019, Tianbao Agarwood was established in Singapore as a distributor of natural agarwood and its derivative products.

With Singapore’s modern IT infrastructure, skilled workforce, efficient air/sea ports and trading/logistics/financial services hubs, transparent and sound legal system, it is undoubtedly an ideal strategic location for access to the global business markets.

As the natural agarwood and its derivative products command high prices, the market has been flooded with processed agarwood products. Processed agarwood products are made with value added raw materials, and one might suffer huge losses for failing to identify them.

In order to build up the confidence and eliminate the fear of agarwood collectors and hobbyists, Tianbao is collaborating with the Singapore Agarwood Institute to provide identification and certification services on all of our Agarwood products. Other services include the application of CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) permit for import/export of agarwood.

Tianbao’s main objectives are to provide the best services and confidence to the vast majority of agarwood collectors and hobbyists. We pledge to offer only genuine natural agarwood products, and promote the rich traditional culture of agarwood.

Introduction of Singapore Agarwood Institute:

It is based in Singapore and managed by a team of experienced agarwood experts together with high-end technology to provide professional agarwood identification and certification services.

Visit Singapore Agarwood Institute.